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LinkedIn: 10 Million Victims

By Matthew Weaver  Google+  View Matthew Weaver's profile on LinkedIn

At the beginning of the year LinkedIn (LNKD) implemented an unannounced and poorly thought out policy to place anyone blocked and deleted from a LinkedIn group on Site Wide Automatic Moderation (SWAM).  As I have previously written in this blog (see LinkedIn: Member First No More), this is a disaster for the LinkedIn member community. Using one of my groups as a guide, I estimate that potentially more than 10 million LinkedIn members have been SWAMed.  Yes, over 10 million!

In one of my smaller groups, with just under 5,000 members, a member by member review recently showed that 4.57% are flagged by LinkedIn as “Requires Moderation”.  As LinkedIn says there are now more than 225 million members, that means as many as 10.28 million on likely SWAMed.

While LinkedIn’s groups product manager Daria Axelrod Marmer says 10 million is significantly off, she does not say high or low, but simply that she is not at liberty to share.

Personally, I suspect the real number is lower as not all members join groups.  The meaningful number, if LinkedIn would divulge, is how many people that have posted at least one discussion or comment in any group have been blocked and deleted from any group?  And, second, how many of those users are still members of LinkedIn and how many have posted any discussion or comment to any group since being blocked and deleted?  While a lot of “members” that are SWAMed are fake users, quickly replaced by new fake accounts, the sustaining real and legit members likely have a very high percent of SWAM victims.

Anyway, my point is that (1) as previously discussed, SWAM is bad for the LinkedIn community and (2) it affects growing number of members.

I again call on LinkedIn to save itself by ending SWAM and restoring members victimized by SWAM.

Read more in my previous blog: LinkedIn: Member First No More



Matthew J. Weaver, PMP, CSM, ITILOn a personal note.  LinkedIn has contributed to my professional and business success.  I am a paying member of LinkedIn with well over 14,300 connections, own or manage nearly 10 groups with around 250,000 members, spend thousands of dollars advertising on LinkedIn every month, and, until SWAM, was a member of and actively participated in 50 LinkedIn groups.  Now, being SWAMed, my participation in groups is destroyed, I’ve dropped most.  LinkedIn’s value is greatly diminished.  It is a win-win for me and all LinkedIn members to help LinkedIn return to its roots, to make Jeff Weiner’s vision again true.


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